CSI Camera ( Raspberry Pi Cam

I am using the Asus tinkerboard with the core 2. I have not explored this board as much as I would have liked to by now. most features and the programming from what I have used have been working just fine now, i still have internet glitches with it but manageable.

USB camera work fine no issues from the tests I have done. Ros packages and ROS launch usb cam works.

I would like to explore the CSI camera options with this, but there seems to be little to no support across this unless we get into the Rasberry PI.

Any updates on if the Pi cam CSI will work with this setup. Mainly to have multiple cameras on the board,

Thank you.

Hi Daniel,

It should be possible to use camera connected thru that port, however we haven’t used it before. There is similar topic in our community where our user successfully run CSI camera but with RPi 3B not Asus Tinker Board. You should check this.

Best regards,