Enabling an external monitor attached to the Rosbot via HDMI cable


I am working with a rosbot2.0 (no Orbec camera or RPLIDAR A2 laser scanner) and I’d like to establish an external monitor for interacting with the rosbot. I have set up the rosbot and connected it to external power (i.e. no dead batteries) and have been able to remotely flash the on-bot memory via the WebUI. I have seen evidence that the code I upload to the rosbot functions correctly.

My problem is directly interfacing with the Raspberry Pi using an external keyboard and monitor. These peripherals work with other applications, but when I plug them into the rosbot, they do not work plug-n-play style.

How can I get my monitor to function?

Thank you,

Hello Steve,

ROSbot does not support plug and play for HDMI output. To work with external monitor you need to plug it before it is powered on.

Just to clarify, ROSbot2.0 have TinkerBoard SBC, not the RaspberryPi. TinkerBoard have no support for HDMI plug and play.

However RaspberryPi can be enabled with HDMI plug and play following this guide.


Hi Łukasz,

Thank you for the information. Is there any other way to view video output from the rosbot? I would like to eventually use the rtabmapviz module in my robot.


And a follow-up question: does the rosbot support plug-and-play external keyboards?

You can connect to ROSbot through remote desktop following this tutorial.

You can plug external keyboard at any time.


In order to perform this connection to the ROSbot, can the ROSbot be on any WiFi network? Or does it have to be on a HusarionXXXX network?

It can be on any WiFi network. Just remember, that it must be on the same network as computer used to connect to remote desktop.

Plug in the HDMI monitor prior to boot