First time cloud connect

Hi, thanks for fantastic kit! Set my 12 year old to build with great success. :smiley:
It is stabel and connected, but when trying to control from the web, it will not connect.

I have installed the Edison, and it works with my WiFi.

Status is connected in the list, and I am able to load new firmware from WebIDE, but when I try to operate it, the waiting wheel start spinning on screen. It checks OK to “Connecting to server”, but it does not continue beyond “loading configuration…”

What to do?

Hi steffen,

Your Intel Edison connects to platform successfully. I guess that the firmware that is uploaded to your Ralph uses USB instead of Edison. Please go to WebIDE, create project from template ralph_firmware_v3 and go to settings.h file, change



#define PLATFORM_DEVICE  Edison

and then Build → Upload

It should upload proper code. Please let us know if it is working after this :slight_smile:

Works perfect!

Thanks for quick reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had this same problem, now it connects and loads the interface but won’t move. The app looks to have sent the instruction but nothing happens. One bonus is the leg is staying up now. Would be great if I could move it, move it. LOL

Hi Brad, at first make sure that you connected everything to right ports (

MPU9250 to hSens2
Right motor to hMot3
Left motor to hMot4
Servo (from leg) hMot1