GMapping is not Working as Expected

I am following tutorial on SLAM Navigation on Gazebo Simulation.

I am able to roslaunch GMapping and Teleoperation nodes as per the code

Terminal 1 : roslaunch rosbot_description rosbot_rviz_gmapping.launch

Terminal 2 : roslaunch rosbot_navigation rosbot_teleop.launch

But the Mapping is not being done. The Screenshots are attached here below

Please point out the error.

Hello Pradeep_BV,

It seems that you encountered a problem with GPU laser scanner rendering in Gazebo, this can occur on some graphic cards.

To fix it, go to file rosbot_description/urdf/rosbot.gazebo, find line

<!-- RpLidar using GPU -->

and comment out entry below that line, then find line:

 <!-- RpLidar using CPU -->

and uncomment entry below that line.