Has anyone seen reshipment?

I received my robocore kit this week, went to put it together, and found that someone else had it before I did. They started putting parts of it together, but did it wrong. :-(.

Now I just emailed robocore about getting a replacement part, but am wondering if anyone else had seen this?

Do I need to be concerned that they may have tried using the motors and possibly used too long a set of screws in the motors and stripped the gears?

I am unsure what to do about it beyond letting the RoboCore team know about it.

Thank you,

Hi Ken,

we also posted this message after your comment on Kickstarter. If your footrest mechanism is broken this is probably due to damage during transport. Based on experience from European Backers (shipping in November) we decided to send to next Backers assembled footrest, because assembling this part made some difficulties. RalphGuide.pdf document hasn’t been updated, but take a look at the newer movie with assembled footrest element - https://wiki.robocore.io/kits:ralph.

We are sorry, that broken mechanism came to you .