HC-05 Bluetooth

Hi all,
How can i connect HC-05 Bluetooth module to the Robocore to display data in the terminal? I want to communicate with mobile application (android).
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You can’t. :c
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Jean Targosz

Yes, you can. Just connect it to the Serial port in hExt interface - Husarion | Autonomous Mobile Robots Made Simple (pin8 & pin9; UART_RX and UART_TX). Don’t forget to connect also power supply and GND signals of HC-05. Here is a code example: https://husarion.com/examples/hFramework__Serial%20I/hFramework__Serial%20I/hFramework__Serial%20I/O_serial_config (use “hExt1” or “hExt2” instead of “hExt” - these examples are for CORE2 where is only one hExt port)


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https://howtomechatronics.com/tutorials/arduino/arduino-and-hc-05-bluetooth-module-tutorial/ - here you can find a tutorial showing how to use HC-05 with Android app. Just use source code for CORE2 from an example mentioned above instead of Arduino source code mentioned in the article.

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Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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