hConfig app and Core2Mini

Hello Husarion team,
I like to connect the core2mini to the Internet, but I miss the hConfig button.
Do I have to connect pin13 to GND temporarily to use the app.?
I do not have a clear picture where this pin is located on the ESP32 adapter.
The text on the adapter itself is not readable.
If you have a picture, it will be a great help to me.
Thanks and best regards,

is the pin assignment of the hRPI connector on the CORE2 and CORE2mini compatible?
I like to locate the hGfg pin, to enable me making a wifi connection.

They should be compatible since they’re connecting to the same thing. The document page I directed you to is for the core2mini, so ground pin 13 to connect.

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the outdated documentation, I will correct it in the near future, and meanwhile I am sending a corrected graphic with the description of the buttons.


Thanks, Huberts, for the correct picture

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