hConfig doesn't recognize HuarionConfigXXX connection

I received the RosBot from a client. He’d already connected it to the husarion cloud. Now I am trying to. I have my phone successfully logged in and connected to the HusarionConfig422804 network that shows up when the RosBot is in configuration mode. But the app won’t move past telling me I need to connect to that network, even if I restart the application after connecting.

I’ve gone into the Husarion Cloud and unlinked the robot and tried again. Same results. What are my next steps?

Hi Bailey,

Could you tell me which device and which OS version have you used to connect your ROSbot?

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I am on a Pixel XL on Android 9.

Hi bailey,

Thank you for the confirmation.

We have not tested the hConfig app on your device in the past. We will investigate the problem ASAP and try to replicate it on our side.

In the meantime I can suggest to ask your client to share the link to the ROSbot thru our platform (you can find manual here) or use another Android or iOS device. This will allow you to work on it while we investigate the issue.

Best regards,

Hello, has the issue been resolved? I have the exact same problem. My device is OnePlus 6T running on Android 9.

Thank you in advance.

Hi kczann,

hConfig app was not optimized for Android 9 yet (however on some models it works). If hConfig doesn’t work on you smartphone please use other methods to connect CORE2-ROS or ROSbot to cloud instead. If you using CORE2 with ESP32 the only solution for now is used device with OS other then Android 9.

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