Help getting started with Core 2 and RPi 3

Hi - I just got my Core2 without WiFi. I have it connected to a Raspberry Pi 3. The RPi is running Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS with ROS.

I can’t find any specific documentation how to get started with this specific setup.

I have tried to connect to it via the Android App, holding the hCfg button. I hald it for more than a minute and I don’t get the flashing yellow/blue LR1 & LR2.

I only have the red power LED lit steadily and L2 is flashing green fast (about 4Hz).

Can someone please help me get started?


Hi jsmarion.

You are sure that image running on Raspberry Pi 3 was download from our side:

this image contain elements needed to work with CORE2+RPi3.


Thanks for help. I got it working now.

It’s very nice to hear that :smile: