Higher Powered Motors

Hi all

I’m building a platform for a project and I am using 4 motors for driving it. The problem is that the motors need more than the 2A the board is capable of, so I have an external H-bridge driver set to run them. I would like to make use of the encoder inputs however. Is it possible to make the motor control functions work with GPIO outputs? It will be a lot easier to reuse the existing functions rather than write new ones from scratch.

Hi Cynar,

from the software point of view, the simplest way to go is to adapt output signals from internal H-bridges on CORE2, to your external H-bridge inputs. But this possibility depends on your specific driver.
Some time ago I posted the schematic of external H-bridge that we had used internally:

The resistors and diodes are translating the 12Vpp signal from CORE2 hMotor output (CORE2 is supplied with 12V).
If you can provide the information about your external module, we can help you further :slight_smile:
The other way is to use PWM signal from hServo outputs - there you have 6 GPIO pins with PWM support.