How to start - Core2 with RPi3

recently as a part of learning about new platforms I’ve bought RPi3 and Core2 as a kit. I know that this is (or may be) a little outdated but I’d like to start experimenting. I need some guidance regarding which operating system for RPi3 is most suitable for usig with Core2? What development platform ( (except VS which I’dont use) should I use to write, say, motor enkoder reading as I’m mainly interested in drive technology? For all hints thank you

Hello @Marcin and welcome to Husarion Community!

As you’d expect, support for the CORE2 board is no longer maintained.
Moreover, the latest system images for SBC are available for, such as UP Board or Rpi 4B. The information you need about CORE2 can be found here.

If this amount of information doesn’t help, let me know.

Best regards
Jan Brzyk