How to use MPU9250

I cannot get an MPU9250 to work. I tried with sample codes in examples section and also the examples in webide.

-The code in examples throws an error (freeRTOS error) at enableInterrupt(),

-If i comment out enableInterrupt(), it hangs at waitfordata()? (Which can be normal, as i checked the interrupt wire with an oscilloscope and it doesn’t work).

-Lastly if i comment out waitfordata() and try to read every sys.delay(250), i get some reading everytime along with some I2C_TIMEOUT log prints. (the numbers read seem to be very wrong though).

-I tried both hSens1 & 2, i also checked the MPU9250 on a rpi with RTIMULib2, it works (without interrupt)

-The MPU9250 board that i am using is an ebay one looking exacly like the one in the picture of husarion website:

-I am using 5 wires Vcc, gnd, sda, scl, int

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

PS: I couldn’t find anything except that in modules/MPU9250.cpp i2c address is defined as 0x69. And when i try that with RTIMULib2 it doesn’t work while 0x68 works.

Hi, thanks, I just made a little fix in MPU9250 example in Web IDE. I tested this example and everything works fine. Have you connected MPU9250 to the hExt interface as described in main.cpp (“a. Arduino MPU9250 example”):

//at first connect MPU9250 to the hExt I2C:
// SCL -> hExt.i2c.pinScl
// SDA -> hExt.i2c.pinSda
// VCC -> +5V (sw)
// GND -> GND

Here is a pin map: .



Hi Dominik,
Thanks for your answer. I hadn’t checked Arduino MPU9250 example, i will do it when i have some time.
However i found the issue and got it working.
It was because of the I2C address, the default in MPU9250 is 0x68 and in modules/src/MPU9250.cpp
the address is set to 0x69. In order to set the address to 0x69, AD0 pin of MPU should be high. Basically the example in
won’t work with the wiring shown in

It either needs another wire between pin2 and AD0, set to high.
const uint8_t I2C_ADDR = 0x69; should be changed to const uint8_t I2C_ADDR = 0x68; in MPU9250.cpp


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