Husarion Rosbot in error state

Hi all,

We are having some problems when starting up the Rosbot, it goes into an error state which is unknown following the blinking patterns of the LEDs. The problem started suddenly, we did not use the Rosbot for an hour and when we wanted to use the rosbot again, this happened. The robot does not connect to the cloud so we can not enter it, also using the hCfg button to link the robot again does not work. (the blue and yellow light do NOT blink) In the link is a youtube video with the pattern of the blinking LEDs.

link: Husarion Bot not working - YouTube

Thanks in advance!

If I were to run into this problem the first thing I would do is reset the board.

I had similar issues, and was advised to try this, which continues to work for me.

  • Power down the boards.
  • Depress and HOLD the reset button on the Core2 board
  • Continue to hold and power up.
  • Hold - about 20-25 sec for me - until the LEDs blink on the Core2.
  • Release the reset

I hope this helps.

Hi Dennis,

@thealy gave you the right tip ( thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face: )- this should let you connect CORE2 to the cloud again, but won’t solve your problem. It seems that your problem is caused by the program flashed to CORE2 which is crashing the controller (hard fault).
Please connect your device to the cloud as per above instructions one more time and try to flash one of our examples to check if everything is ok. If you encounter any problems with completing the procedure suggested by @thealy or flashing, please try using VS Code to flash working program by USB and connect CORE2 in the standard way.

Please let us know if you managed to solve the issue.


Thanks all for the responses!
I will give the advice a go and let you guys know the result!