Include in web IDE

Hello all,

In the web IDE I am attempting to include a header file (#include <astra/astra.hpp>). However, when building it says that there is no such file or directory. I have attempted to upload the Astra SDK as a zip file but the header files are not showing up. How do I solve this so that I can get the stream data from the camera?


Hi Eric,

right now web IDE only supports real-time part of CORE2-ROS controller (so you write a software for STM32F4 microcontroller). Astra is connected to a single board computer running Linux (ASUS Tinker Board).

If you wrote some code on Tinker Board to send Astra data to STM32 to perform some low level algorithm and web IDE can not see the header files this is probably due to an issue with web IDE - you have to refresh your web browser tab running web IDE after uploading a zip file.

Let me know whether it helped.


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