Internet - Firefox

Interesting issue I find with my web browser.

Core2 with pre-installed Tinerboard and ROS - no apparent issues everything seems to work fine, ros, firefox, web IDE. But space is limited 16 gb vs. something bigger or additional programs. Not that i’ll need more now, but eventually.

I want to use a 32 gig sd card vs the 16 that comes with the core 2.
after flashing the card the system runs fine everything besides firefox. I have an internet connection and can remote into my ROS from another computer, I can download programs via the terminal. However the web browser is and issue.

Firefox works great with the pre-installed card, but why does it not work when flashing the image, installed chromium web browser and at first it seems as though it will be fine and then… can not find webpage. also there are many differences in the files and structure when downloading form the image vs the one that was sent.

i have tried a multitude of ideas, un-installing, purging, re-flashing the sd card, but it seems as though there is a web browser function hangup with the downloadable image. the file structure different as mentioned hasn’t seemed to be an issue as far as I can tell so far…

As mentioned, internet through a web browser seems to be the issue.

Failed to execute default Web Browser ( Input/output error )

Asus Tinkerboard
Core - 2ROS

FYI - I have also tried looking into wrong downloads, 32 bit vs 64 bit as I did catch this issue on one of the attempts with chrome installing the 64 bit version.

Thank you in advance

We have replicated the issue with Firefox browser. We will let you know when it’s fixed.

For now you can use special version of Chromium browser (please note the command used for launching it):

Install it with:

apt-get install chromium

Launch it with:

chromium  --no-sandbox --disable-gpu