Jetson TX2 on ROSbot 2.0

Hey! Has anyone seen/tried/heard of somehow connecting and popping on a NVIDIA Jetson TX2 on the ROSbot 2.0 chassis?

Any ideas on how one may go about doing this?

Hi Vandan_Patel,

I didn’t hear about something like this, but maybe it’s possible. Tell me what you exactly want to use, just a module (50 x 87 mm) or all board (170 x 170 mm)? It’s quite big difference :wink:


Hey Hubert!
Thanks for your response.
Right now that’s what the consideration is, here are some options:

  1. (135mm x 50mm x 105mm (5.31″ x 1.97″ x 4.13″) (WxHxD))
  2. connecttech/orbittybox/ (95.2mm x 63mm x 58.2mm (3.75” x 2.48” x 2.29”) (WxHxD))

But then on top of that we’d need to connect a LiPo battery to power the Jetson ~ probably around Tenergy 12.8V 10Ah LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery w/ Charger 90593 - Tenergy (118mm x 59mm x 36.5mm)

What would you recommend? I know the ROSbot can definitely handle this load but how would you go about fitting all of this on?

Using zip ties or double-sided velcro tape? It’s what I often use! And the TX2 (I have one) requires 19V and lots of current. It’s not the best mobile device.