Latest ros-image-stable.img bad?

I downloaded the latest ros-image-stable.img from Downloads | Husarion.
The md5sum of the uncompressed image is b8934f24f603bc69812467e27a72e9c3
The root partition is bad. I know it’s not an SD card issue because after the failure
I downloaded the Tinkerboard image from Asus, used the same sd card, image is fine.

It would be great if Husarion created a .deb package that will download all the dependencies as well
as install the Husarion ROS-CORE2 code from the Husarion repository. That would enable us to
build our own ROS-CORE2 images.

I will settle for a working image. I’m expecting my board this week.


We believe the image is correct (we have tested the same exact file). Could you provide error messages/photos of error messages of the boot process?

Anyway, we do have APT repository with .deb files. Be aware that this method is unsupported and you might get worse experience, because we also apply other customizations (e.g. custom built kernel with modules relevant to robotics). You might also have problems when lauching configuration mode, please use command line configuration instructions for that.

Setup the repository (as root):

apt-get install -y apt-transport-https
echo 'deb xenial main ros rpi backports' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/husarion.list
wget -qO- '' | apt-key add -
apt-get update

And install the packages:

apt-get install -y husarion-shield husarion-camera husarion-sdk

Let us know if anything else doesn’t work as intended.

My problem turned out to be a misbehaving sdcard. The SDCARD worked fine with the vanilla tinkerboard image, but apparently had issues with the core2-ros image. I bought a new 32gb sdcard. dumped the image, registered the board with the husarion cloud. I used the posted core2 examples as hello world tests.
I’ll install the controller in my 3dprinted bot soon.
I may substitute the HLS-LFCD LDS for the RPLIDAR A2. have you tried the same with Rosbot ?

Hi Jerry.

We haven’t used the version of LIDAR that you mentioned. There are probably a few differences between these devices, but you shouldn’t have problems with replacing it.