Linux header files (linux-headers-4.4.71husarion3)

Hi together,

I am currently trying to get a separate Wlan interface running on the tinkerboard using the husarion image.
For that I tried different wlan adapters, so far without success.

Currently it seems that i would need the linux headers for the kernel 4.4.71husarion3
On your github i only found the version for the husarion5 version of the kernel and that does not build for me.

Could you please give me access to the kernel version. Or maybe you have some idea of a supported wlan adapter for the tinkerboard husarion image.

Thank you

Hello Lennart,

There are supported WLAN adapters, In our office we are using D-Link DWA-127 and TP-Link Archer T4U adapters without need to install any further drivers.

You can also check RPi adapter list as TinkerBoard image has the same base drivers.

Most of 2.4GHz band adapter should work, there may be some issues with dual band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) adapters.

If it comes to building the driver, it is advised to use most up to date kernel. What is the problem with build process?