Linux header files (linux-headers-4.4.71husarion5)

Hi guys,

I am using ROSbot 2.0 (Asus Tinker board).

Where/how do I get the linux header files (linux-headers-4.4.71husarion5)?
I need to compile/install some modules and it won’t work without having the header files.

Many thanks for your feedback in advance!

Best, Andreas

Hi openabi,

We will create a manual for you till Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience in advance.

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Hi Hubert,

great, many thanks in advance!
Looking forward …

Best regards,

Hi Andreas,

Please try to use this manual. Note that building pkg in this way is not fully supported, so it can cause some issues. Execute these commands as root:

git clone -b 4.4.71husarion5 --depth 1 /lib/modules/4.4.71husarion5/build
cd /lib/modules/4.4.71husarion5/build
zcat /proc/config.gz > .config
make ARCH=arm LOCALVERSION='' prepare scripts

And build modules with make ARCH=arm LOCALVERSION='' (not with bare make).

It should resolve your problem.

Best regards,
Hubert Zwiercan