No internet access

The ROSbot is connected to my laptop’s hotspot, but it is not connected to the internet. (the LR1(blue one) is blinking on and off so it states that it is trying to connect to the internet).

How am I able to connect it to the internet? (getting the LR1 to stay on)

~ Tino

Hi Tino,

have you checked with another hotspot? Are you able to connect another Wi-Fi device to your laptop? Maybe some software (firewall etc.) is limiting the internet connection? Does your hotspot need any additional log in (something like hotspots in public places)?
I guess that you are familiar with the LEDs behavior:

You can also try to connect a HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse and check the connection using Ubuntu built-in tools.


I’m having the same problem. The Wi-Fi connection we’re using requires an additional log in (separate username and password for a university network). Connecting to this network through the app seemed impossible, so we used a laptop connected to the network as a hotspot instead. However, the ROSbot does not show up when we try to connect it this way.

A followup on my previous post. The laptop shows that the ROSbot is one of the connected devices and shows its IP address. We can even access ROS with that IP address. Despite all that it won’t register online and I cannot access the internet within ROS either.

My home network is secure,. Behind a. Firewall. Configure port forwarding and dns on your side.

For example my rosbot has a 192.168.0.x address and I configured rules to allow it to connect .

I managed to fix the problem by connecting with the Wi-Fi in ROS.

Eric, could you describe the steps to connect to WiFi in ROS? This sounds like it might help my situation as well.

You click on the WiFi symbol in the top right hand corner in ROS and connect it to the one you want.