No internet no virtual robot


My virtual robot consists of: mycore2ros-1921(my robot), myphone3(smartphone), frederos3-1000h (=ubuntu laptop, ros master)

When internet is absent, starting above devices,
myphone3 and frederos3-1000h are ok, except mycore2ros-1921

ping6 myphone3 from frederos3-1000h is ok, and hNode connected to ros master

ping6 mycore2ros-1921, no response and then times out.
blue led on mycore2ros-1921 keeps blinking.

enabling the internet and rebooting , solid blue led on mycore2ros, and ping6 mycore2ros-1921 ok
the virtual robot works as expected.


No internet means no IPv6 husarnet.
I am able to acces mycore2ros with ssh in its ip-address.
Maybe there is à way to enable the IPv6 by à command.
Please let me know, thanks


Without the mycore2ros-1921 I have no virtual robot active!!!

new image resolved the problem

Thank you for a feedback and don’t hestitate to ask in case of any issues related to Husarnet,

Hi Dominik,

Husarnet is working fine at home and I want to show it at other location.
So I need a WIFI to connect these 3 nodes:
mycore2ros-1957, myphone3 and laptop frederos3-1000h

I have prepared a spare modem/router for this demo.
The picture below what I have done sofar:

As you can see there is an error, no base connection.
UDP is missing here and therefore the node on my robot “mycore2ros3-1957” can not communicate with the other 2 nodes.
The node myphone3(android phone) shows up in the husarnet status.
ping6 mycore2ros3-1957 from frederos3-1000h will not work either

My question here:
This modem/router has been powered up without connection to DSL, thus no internet access.
This is the case where I like to give the demo.
While in this state, will I ever able to use Husarnet?
Is there a way out to do the demo or enable the base connection somehow?
Thanks for guiding me on this

Hello Fred,

Husarnet is designed to setup new connection every time the device (phone, Core2ros or laptop) is powered up. To do it, connection with internet is required.
It is not possible to setup connection between devices without internet access.