Panther panther_rutx11/ issue

I’m setting up my Panther for the first time, and I followed all the steps in the setup process. After running , it says “Router configuration saved,” but then it gets stuck on “Waiting for configuration to get applied” and doesn’t seem to progress any further.

Dear @zielmicha, I’m hoping you can lend a hand with something I’m stuck on. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Tarannum,

It seems that the robot cannot get a response from the server, which may be due to the firewall. Could you try to share the Internet from your phone and see if it solves the problem? If hotspot from your phone works, please contact your network administrator.

Please share your results with others.


Hello @RafalGorecki,
We tried to connect by phone, but it still didn’t work.