Panther ROS2 API

Hi everyone. We recently received the mobile platform, and it is pretty cool!

We also have our own software with docker-compose. We are interested in controlling the robot with our own software. Do we only have to publish it /cmd_vel? Do we need to connect to some Docker network or ROS domain?

Also we want to use ROS NAV2 software with ZED 2i. We understand that this is something the Husarion team has already implemented. Where can we find it?

We look forward to your responses!

Hello @Ton_Hoang_Nguyen,

Thank you for your kind words, it’s nice to hear that you like the Panther platform.

The default compose, thanks to the network_mode: host and ipc: host flags, allows access to data from the host level. If they want
If you want to control panther, please post a comment on the topic ~/cmd_vel, by default it is /panther/cmd_vel (default namespace:=panther).

Currently, we do not have a demo using nav2, this will be one of the next stages of our work. So please be patient.

Let me know if you have any further questions

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Thank you for your answer! Does that mean that if we put our docker-compose in the user computer in Panther, then publishing to the topic `~/cmd_vel’ would work because it is in the same host machine?

This is exactly how it should work.

Additionaly ROS 2 automatically transmits data to other devices on the same network. So if you connect to the network, e.g. from your private computer or User Computers | Husarion and add network_mode and ipc flags to your compose, it should also work.

You can try first simple talker listener example:

# Run ROS2 talker container
docker run -it --network host osrf/ros:humble-desktop-full ros2 run demo_nodes_cpp talker

# Run ROS2 listener container
docker run -it --network host osrf/ros:humble-desktop-full ros2 run demo_nodes_cpp listener
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Oh great! Thank you!

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