Parameters DWA planner


For a project i want to use the DWA planner for local costmap and NavfnROS for global.
Are there any tests with configurated parameters for the ROSbot 2.0 available for these planners?
I got problems with avoiding obstacles with these planners.

Settings now:

visualize_potential: false
allow_unknown: false
planner_window_x: 0.0
planner_window_y: 0.0
default_tolerance: 0.0.

max_vel_x: 0.2
min_vel_x: 0.0

max_vel_y: 0.0
min_vel_y: 0.0

max_trans_vel: 0.5
min_trans_vel: 0.5
trans_stopped_vel: 0.1

acc_lim_x: 1.0
acc_lim_theta: 2.0
acc_lim_y: 0.0

max_rot_vel: 1.5
min_rot_vel: 0.1
rot_stopped_vel: 0.0

yaw_goal_tolerance: 0.3
xy_goal_tolerance: 0.15

sim_time: 1.7
vx_samples: 3
vy_samples: 10
vtheta_samples: 20

path_distance_bias: 64.0
goal_distance_bias: 24.0
occdist_scale: 0.01
forward_point_distance: 0.2
stop_time_buffer: 0.2
scaling_speed: 0.25
max_scaling_factor: 0.2

oscillation_reset_dist: 0.05

publish_traj_pc : true
publish_cost_grid_pc: true
global_frame_id: odom

holonomic_robot: false

global_frame: map
robot_base_frame: base_link
update_frequency: 5.0
static_map: true
rolling_window: false


  • {name: static,type: “costmap_2d::StaticLayer”}
  • {name: inflation,type: “costmap_2d::InflationLayer”}
  • {name: obstacles,type: “costmap_2d::VoxelLayer”}

global_frame: map
robot_base_frame: base_link
update_frequency: 5.0
static_map: false
rolling_window: true
width: 2
height: 2
resolution: 0.05
footprint_padding: 0.0


  • {name: obstacles_layer, type: “costmap_2d::ObstacleLayer”}
  • {name: inflation_layer, type: “costmap_2d::InflationLayer”}

Move parameters:
controller_frequency: 10.0
planner_patience: 5.0
controller_patience: 15.0
conservative_reset_dist: 3.0
recovery_behavior_enabled: true
clearing_rotation_allowed: true
shutdown_costmaps: false
oscillation_timeout: 0.0
oscillation_distance: 0.5
planner_frequency: 0.2

Rosbot can’t handle this situation:

Hi R_M,

We do not have parameters for these planners, but I will help to debug your problem, if you could provide more details.
Is ROSbot not moving at all, does it hit obstacle or drive other direction?
Also if you could share all your project files, this means: launch, world and yaml configuration, then I will be able to reproduce your problem.


This is the problem by start position:

I use a local planner and global planner in de localcostmap
The global costmap has a planner called Navfn.

Here you can see that the ROSbot can’t drive away:

Also very short rides he can’t handle.

Maby i can give you my src files with my navigation setup and map files? Because maby its to complicated to solve it this way.

Problem with ROSbot unable to generate path since beginning will occur when starting position is near obstacle. If the distance from the obstacle is smaller than costmap resolution, then path planner will start recovery behavior, e.g. rotate in place or it will consider it as unrecoverable position.
When ROSbot is in such position, path planner is moving slower than usual, thus ROSbot may seem to stop in place. To make sure if anything is going on, it may be worth to check output of /cmd_vel topic to see if there are any commands for ROSbot.

Another thing to check is move_base log output if there are any errors or warnings.