Physical dimensions of core2-Ros controller?

Hi. I can’t seem to find info on the physical dimensions of the core2-ros controller box. Anyone have the info or a link? Thanks.

Please find the dimensions of Husarion CORE2 controller here:

We do not have the drawing for the CORE2-ROS with SBC together.
The total height of CORE2-ROS with SBC will be:

  • 36mm (for CORE+SBC set, without the acrylic glass adapter)
  • 44mm (with the acrylic glass adapter)
    SBC and the acrylic glass adapter footprints are not larger than CORE2 footprint (85x94mm).

CORE2-ROS has the hRPI connector soldered on the bottom side of PCB, so even without SBC, CORE2-ROS has a greater height than basic CORE2.

If you need something more, please let us know.