Potential SLAM Navigation tutorial error

A few weeks ago, purchased the ROSBot 2.0 PRO (with GPS) and currently going through the tutorials.
The tutorials have been VERY helpful in learning how to work with the robot.
This weekend progressed to the section:


where the posted launch xml was created and launched.

When running as is, I get the following warning

[ WARN] [1603809983.070412718]: MessageFilter [target=odom ]: Dropped 100.00% of messages so far. Please turn the [ros.gmapping.message_filter] rosconsole logger to DEBUG for more information.

Moreover the tf tree is:

which I dont think is right

The correction is to remove the contional if for the node tag in the posted xml:

<node if="$(arg use_rosbot)" pkg="tutorial_pkg" type="drive_controller_node" name="drive_controller"/>

so that it reads:

<node pkg="tutorial_pkg" type="drive_controller_node" name="drive_controller"/>

Using this unconditioned node for the ROSbot Pro eliminates the warning and creates the appropriate tf tree:

This ( I think ) is because both ROSbot 2.0 and ROSbot Pro 2.0 both require the drive_controller_node to be launched.

Am I correct in this?
Do the tutorials need to be updated for this correction?


Hi Joshua,

Thank you for your bug report. We will check this .launch files and share the results.

Best regards,


Were your guys able to look at the fix above for tutorial 6?
An alternative fix would be to just add the following xml tag to the launch file:

<node if="$(arg rosbot_pro)" pkg="tutorial_pkg" type="drive_controller_node" name="drive_controller"/>

On a related note was able to finish out the tutorial set yesterday on my ROSBot 2.0 Pro.
Found a few more fixes to get your tutorials to work for the ROSBot 2.0 Pro.
Would you guys be interested?
If so is this bugs category the appropriate place to put them?
Should I create a new topic for each fix?