Power alternative to AA cells

I’m looking to change my Ralph from a six AA cell robot something rechargeable and hopefully with far more MaH. Has anyone found something suitable to use?

I have a few extra Anker batteries, but I have a feeling they are going to be too advanced to just power things. I’m sure RC batteries are going to be the way to go. I do not have an RC shop within 80 miles of me though.

Hi nocturne,

Here you can read about power supply:
You can see, that recommended input voltage is in the range 7-15 V DC. There are also mentioned alternative power supplies, so you can notice, that Li-Po cells are applicable. What type of Anker batteries do you have?

Hi nocturne,

I mentioned about the interesting alternative to AA batteries on our wiki:

I am using a 1500ma Lipo. 4hr runtime.