Problem with base_link frame

Hello, I try to launch tutorial 6, and I got problem with base_link frame. This frame changes it’s posiotion all the time, of course when rosbot is not moving.

Hello quarkpol,

ROSbot position in tutorial 6 is determined by gmapping, it is using odometry and laser scans for it.
Even when not moving, every laser scan may differ, as RpLidar measurement accuracy is 1% of
actual distance according to specification.
Due to this fact, position estimate may fluctuate around actual position within few centimeters.

Are the changes that you observed within this value?


No, they are not. A position of base_link jumps from place to place, a few meters jumps. But what I’ve observed is that, when I restart Husarion, and start this tutorial, everything looks ok, and after a while, again base_link position starts to destabilize, after launching other tutorials for example. This problem occurs in all tutorials.

I have one more question. How is base_link connected to odom frame? How the position of base_link is calculated relative to odom. I assume that is done by robot_localization package.

Could you record a screen showing the jumps?
Are you observing any warnings or errors while position jumps?