Problems with VSCode Husarion Plugin 1.5.15

after the (automatical) upate to Version 1.515 I could not build my project on a Windows machine. The error message was:

C:\Users\MichaelT\Documents\Downloads_Diverses\Husarion_myCode\MPU6050>“C:\Users\MichaelT.vscode\HusarionTools\bin\ninja” flash
[1/2] cmd.exe /C “cd /D C:\Users\MichaelT\Documents\Downloads_Diverses\Husarion_myCode\MPU6050 && C…Users\MichaelT.vscode\extensions\husarion.husarion-1.5.15\sdk\tools\win\core2-flasher myproject.hex”
Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden.
FAILED: CMakeFiles/flash_myproject
cmd.exe /C “cd /D C:\Users\MichaelT\Documents\Downloads_Diverses\Husarion_myCode\MPU6050 && C:\Users\MichaelT.vscode\extensions\husarion.husarion-1.5.15\sdk\tools\win\core2-flasher myproject.hex”
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

There are some things:
I have installed the portable version of VSCode (which worked well with version 1.5.14)
The husarion extension is not installed in the portable path (there is only the 1.5.14 version)
In the absolute path mentioned in the error message above there is a version 1.5.15 but in the folder “C:\Users\MichaelT.vscode\extensions\husarion.husarion-1.5.15\sdk\tools” there are only two subfolders “all” and “rpi-linux” the others (from 1.5.14) “win”, “macos”, i386-linux" and “amd64-linux” are missing.

I also noticed that executing the build commad which works after the last extension update did not work with the portable versions of VSCode.
My VSCode version is 1.28.2.

Hope you can fix this soon :wink:


Hello MichaelT,

The 1.5.15 version had missing these files.
We just released 1.5.16 with files included, please update to this version and you will be able to build and flash your project.


Hi Łukasz

thanks for your quick answer and the fix! I will try later.
What about the issues with the portable version of VSCode?


Portable version is also working.