Raw rpLiDAR data transfer from Tinker board to CORE2

Hey everyone,

I’m working on a ROSbot and specificially trying to get the data from the rpLidar. I’ve followed the ‘SLAM navigation’ turorial and I can now see the lidar data using rviz.

I believe the raw data is stored in ‘/scan’, but how can I acces this file? And how can I transfer this raw data from the Tinker board to the CORE2 board so that I can process it in the webIDE ?



Hi Mark,

Fist of all ‘/scan’ is not a file. This is a name of the topic used by ROS. You can find more on how ROS topics work in tutorial 1 ‘ROS introduction’.

First option to acces this data is ‘rostopic’ tool. In command line type

rostopic echo /scan

You will get an array of integers, each of them representing distance at certain angle around rplidar. This is the simplest way, but will be inconvenient due to lots of data pushed on the screen.

Second option is to build your own ROS node to process data as you wish. Process of building your own node is covered in tutorial 2 ‘Creating nodes’. You need a subscriber node with nessage type ‘sensor_msgs/LaserScan’.

Applications that you buid in webIDE could be treated almost as ordinary ROS node. Just subscribe to ‘/scan’ topic the same way as described in tutorial 2.

Łukasz Mitka

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I could not of said it better myself. It is the whole reason why I chose to use the Ros-core2
My first Ros project is navigating.with optical slam and barking like a dog when it detects my dog.

Decided not to use the.rplidar and use two cameras.
I didn’t want.ant chance.of damaging.my dog’s eyes