Restart the registration

I have connected my Android device with the RoboCore and I managed to register it with the generated code. Then I decided to remove the robot (out of my curiosity) . I can not find the same code or reestablish the connection. Every time I switch on the RoboCore, only PWR LED is in and the android device does not show that the device is connected.

Can anyone help me to get the RoboCore reset and get to the position that I started for the first time?

Hi Lotfi,

You should open settings menu in the Android application and select Logout option. Then, the application should show new registration code. If not, please power off and on your RoboCORE.

Thanks KrystianD. I followed your instruction and unfortunately I had no luck. My android device is still showing “Not connected” and the ROBOCORE is only showing the PWR LED. The first time when I had connecion, L1 and L2 LEDs were flashing. Now only PWR LED is on. I believe the ROBOCORE is not in communication with Android device (apart from charging the mobile device). Any other suggestion?

Please try to boot RoboCORE with pressed SW1, it would force it to enter bootloader mode.

  • Power RoboCORE off
  • press and hold SW1 and power RoboCORE on.

Thanks again. I did try the instruction and still I did not get the code. There was a few seconds flashing LED L1 and back to PWR LED. I even reinstalled the Android App and the only message shown is that “Service Connected”.

I decided to restart the whole thing and I managed to reload the “bootloader” from my PC and everything was shown as “OK”. Then I removed the micro-USB and I expected that this time the connection to the Android device will be establish which I was wrong.

Is there any further stages to complete the bootloader process? I would appreciate if you explain this to me. I could not find anything on WiKi or this forume.

Hi Lotfi, check whether cable is connected to the right USB port (should be “UC”). USB Accessory mode on some Android devices doesn’t work well. What Android device are you using? Maybe try with another model?

Hi, I finally figured out the problem. It is the Battery! There is no indication that the voltage has dropped when the unit is switched on. I think the Ralph unit is very sensitive to voltage fluctuation.

The connection is established (Nexus Mobile with Android 5 and 6). However, it is very temperamental.

Yes, RoboCORE needs proper voltage to work correctly (6 - 16V), and it is good to use LiPo rechargeable batteries. You will find more information here: .