RoboCore bootloader

I am trying to connect my RoboCore to an Android device (Nexus 6). When I press the power button, it does not connect and the RoboCore App does not show the connection. The only time that I could establish the connection is when I press the PWR + SW1 and hold them for a few seconds. Then a connection will be established with the following message on my Android device.

Platform Status: Connected
Device mode: Accessory device, bootloader

The connection to Cloud service will take a while to be established and a few seconds after the connection is established, it will be disconnected all together. Batteries are new. Any help and advice as what could have cause the problem?

Hi Lotfi,

try this:
a) update your app at Android device -
b) update bootloader on your RoboCORE -
c) if a and b doesn’t help, check another Android device
d) if c doesn’t helped - please send us code you uploaded to CORE2 (at community forum or at