RoboCORE Ralph - Need Help

I have been having nothing but trouble trying to get my Ralph working. Sometimes it goes into “Accessory device, bootloader” mode and sometimes it will connect to the platform and sometimes it will not. (Nexus 7 2012) When i turn the RoboCORE on I get ~3 flashes from L1 and then L2 and L3 light up briefly and it jerks the robot backwards (usually knocking it flat on its face if I am not holding onto it) and then a couple more flashes from L1 and it restarts itself. I have tried uploading the new Ralph v3 firmware to it and the bot is still doing the same thing. I have no clue whatsoever what is going on with it.

When the board is not plugged into a device it will do the same thing exactly, but sometimes after a few cycles of this it will decide to stand up on its own for a few seconds before slamming forwards or backwards. holding S1 to enter calibration yields nothing because the robot refuses to function in this mode.

Not sure why any of this is happening but any help at all would be massively appreciated. It is getting to the point where I am ready to give up on the Ralph and just make a car so it does something useful rather than slamming my tablet and phone around as it does faceplants.

Hi z0mb13k1ll, don’t give up - we’ll fix it :). At first the most common issue: power supply. Take a look at this post: . Make sure that your RoboCORE has appropriate batteries installed, e.g. alkaine.

If it doesn’t help update once more everything: Android App, bootloader and Ralph firmware . We constantly improve all RoboCORE ecosystem components, so sometimes problems may occur due to not updated software. Each next week it works better and more stable.

I am using 6 brand new alkaline batteries and I am still getting the same issue. I will try switching them to a different brand of battery and see if that fixes the issue maybe. I wish there was a different power source for the motors because they suck all the power and the board stops working by not getting the correct voltage from the crappy batteries. maybe i will try to find a nice DC power pack to make things easier

Remember that batteries have low energy capacity, so you have to replace them quite often. Rechargeable AA batteries, or power packs would be more cost effective in the longer term.

I have almost the same case and it seems batteries issue as Dominik mentioned. after replacing them with all new branded ones. the connection gest stable now. next, I will try to find a nice DC power pack same as you. :smiley: the AA batteries seem not reliable.

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The power seems to be a huge failing for the Ralph.