ROS noetic or ROS2 Foxy?

Would one recommend ROS or ROS2 for Husarion?
Seems like there are different tutorials for each versions by Husarion and even the files inside the pre-installed images / workspace are different as well.

Hi mike_k

It depends on what you expect. Noetic is easier to start with since it has many more tutorials. On the other hand, ROS 1 hence Noetic won’t be supported soon and everyone will move towards ROS 2.

Basically, these two share basic concepts of how the system is intended to work, but their implementations differ. Personally, I would suggest getting started with ROS Noetic and then moving to ROS Foxy. If you get a basic idea on how ROS is designed, you will be able to quickly get to work wth any ROS distro you want.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Wojciechowski.