ROSBot 2.0 Pro Setup and Operation

I am new to robotics I am excited to learn more about this field.
I recently purchased ROSBot 2.0 Pro. I have reimaged the bot four times. I currently have Ros2 Foxy installed, but none of the simulators work for this, and the ROSBot OS and shell run extremely slow. I have been researching it seems most of the situations are for Ros Kinetic. I wonder what is best to use for the ROSBot 2.0 Pro that does not sacrifice performance.

I have attempted to install many simulators with no luck in Ros 2 foxy
I am currently using with Ros Kinetic, where I installed the gazebo simulator by hand. I think this would be the best for the ROSBot 2.0 pro, but I would like some input on this.

I will also have to move this from the simulator to the bot when testing is complete. I am not sure how to do this either.

I am only looking to make the robot move through a web UI and use Visual object recognition.

Hi rcfoultz,

I am really sorry for such late response. Did you run the simulation on the robot or your laptop?
If you tried to do so on robot, it will most likely fail, since the UpBoard is not powerful enough to run simulation close to real time.

The simulations should be launching from the rosbot_description package without any problem, and the code used in simulation and later on real robot should be interchangeable.

Could you provide more details on how did you try to install and launch everything? Best would be if you included the operating system you used, ROS distributions you tried, etc.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Wojciechowski.