Rosbot aluminum chassis

I just ordered a Core2-ROS. I have a tinker board in my spare parts bin. Now I have a use for the Tinker board! I was wondering if you sell the Rosbot aluminum chassis. I have most of the hardware necessary to build the Rosbot … everything except the LIDAR. My goal is to eventually scale the bot up to an outdoor platform with the capability of docking with an outdoor charger when power is low. I will also add GPS for outdoors along with geofence mapping the perimeter of my yard.

Hi Jerry,

It’s great to hear that you are planning to create your own version of ROSbot :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we do not sell dev kits subcomponents separately, however we will do our best to help you out. There are two potential solutions that we can suggest:

  1. You can create such a chassis yourself based on our drawings for the previous version of ROSbot which you can find on our hackaday page here: ROSbot - autonomous robot platform | You can also find there other useful information that could help you build your own ROSbot.
  2. You can buy a chassis that is similar to our solution, for example:
    Lynxmotion Aluminum A4WD1 Chassis V1 to V2 Upgrade - RobotShop
    DOIT 6061 ze stopu aluminium o wysokiej wytrzymałości 215mm * 160mm * 2mm płyta podwozia|doit car|r/c carr car - AliExpress

Hope that helps :wink: if you would need any more support in the process just let us know.


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I found the STL files for ROSBOT. I’ll start there. The goal is to scale up anyway. Once I have a working ROSBOT the plan is to build an outdoor platform. I will use MOSFETs to drive larger motors from the ROS-CORE2.

I have leveraged a chassis from AliExpress (See Pic)RosBot|375x500 and am using some of the tutorials. Will you be publishing the RosBot files for “scale up” folks like Jerry and I?