Rosbot_navigation" package not found

I tried the example from “route_admin_panel”. But when I start the launch files as describe in the “” I get the messages that “rosbot_navigation” package is not found which seems to be correct.Do I miss something? Where can I find this package?


Hello Michael,

The rosbot_navigation is part of rosbot_description package. It is mentioned in Readme.

Are you sure it was pulled from repository and built correctly?

cd ~/ros_workspace/src
git clone
cd ~/ros_workspace

Do you get any errors or warning during build process?


Hi Łukasz

thanks for your quick repsonse.
Seems that it was my fault. I did not use ROSbot but my own robot. So I did not use the rosbot_description package but my own description package which only contains the model relevant parts.

BTW: a suggestion to improve your very good tutorials and Git projects (thanks for that!):
a better separation of ROSbot and not ROSbot related things would help people who have their onw robot.