ROSbot on W10+VSC: How to add a service to project?

Hi everyone,

I am currently doing development for ROSbot on Windows 10, using the Husarion VSC plugin.
Right now, I am trying to add a Python server to my project, which I am planning to use from my base controller.

However, if I understand correctly, I need to have catkin installed in my W10 environment to be able to create a workspace, and a package, respectively.

What is a good practice for adding a service package to a Husarion project? Should I install ros/catkin to my Windows 10 / WSL system?

Any experience and opinion is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Erinc,

There is no ROS distribution for Windows, thus it is not possible to create workspace nor package in Windows environment.

To create workspace and package, you need to connect with ROSbot through Remote Desktop or SSH.

Could you elaborate more about what you want to achieve?


Hi Łukasz,

Thanks for your help.

I have a service that I want to provide for my ROSbot. Basically, it is a maze solving service that will receive an input with possible directions at current position, and based on the internal state, will respond with the most appropriate direction to move in.

Eventually, I want to use my base_controller to send possible direction information in a request to my maze solver service (collected with RPLIDAR), and update the move_base/goal based on the directions received.

I am not very knowledgable about the entire build flow, but if I’m not mistaken, I can manage to have this system work by having a launch file that will start my dependencies (including my maze solver service, move_base etc.), and flashing the CORE2 with Twist and Lidar reading callbacks.

For instance, do you think that creating a new repository, and within it a new catkin workspace and package for the service will work? Once created, I can edit my repo through version control on my Windows PC.

Hello Erinc,

It is possible to have single launch file for all starting all nodes.

It is not a good practice to store whole workspace in repository. It is much better to have separate repository for a package.

Furthermore, a Husarion VSC project is not a ROS package, it should never be added to catkin workspace. Although Husarion VSC project is acting as ROS node, it is compiled for different processor, it will not be possible to build workspace with this project.


Hey Łukasz,

Got it. So in my Husarion VSC project, I’ll only maintain the code which will be used towards flashing the CORE2. I’ll keep my other ROS packages and Launchers in different projects.