ROSbot2R For Sale

Unfortunately after a month or so I’ve come to the realization that I’m not smart enough to work with this vehicle to get it running out of the box. I fear I’ve been wasting the time of the good support staff here trying to solve my problems and difficulties. Most of my accessories are still in their packages and the hardware has hardly been used or powered up. It seems functional but I can’t get any software to work.

I don’t even know what questions to ask or where to look for updated files anymore. I still have the carrying case with all foam protection and prefer to sell it in my country to limit shipping costs. Make me an offer or we can negotiate. I’m continuing to work on my Turtlebot3 and various manipulator arms. They all seem functional and have ROS tutorials as well.

Have fun community!!

Hi Joe,

I will be in the Bay Area next week; let’s chat about a deal.

Cool! Keep in contact here or we can chat offline. Thanks for your interest.

@Joe_Worthit Don’t be so hard on yourself. I have also found that the tutorials aren’t always helpful and sometimes have errors in them. I ha purchased the Pro version a year or 2 ago and worked my way through the tutorials with only minor difficulties. Then I messed something up in my image and had to reinstall the melodic image. Trying to do the updated tutorials from the website has proven to be very frustrating as I keep running into errors and inconsistencies in the tutorials. I’m doing an online course through another website and am following decently well, so I don’t believe it’s my skill level that is at fault with the ROSbot. But best of luck to you!

I agree and thanks for the confirmation. I’ve also given up on the tutorials here and now only rely on the firmware and any SBC image updates.

I am not incompetent. The hardware is solid, well laid out and constructed. The software has not been checked or upgraded or tutorials edited for errors.

I’m doing just fine on the Robot Ignite Academy and will continue my training there. Good luck to you as well.

Can’t seem to get the rplidar unit to work. Spins around but sends infinite as readings all around. So I can’t guarantee it’s functional but my unit remains for sale if anyone wants to take over the analysis and initial functionality evaluation. I never could. Still haven’t got to playing with the camera, IMU sensors, range finders but I’m beginning to wonder if any of that hardware really works on my particular unit. Just keep having bad luck but I AM able to simulate but that does me no good in the real world without a working robot. The model doesn’t match my hardware.


ROSbot2R was $1799 USD
Accessories were $750 USD

How about $2000 USD? Shipping costs negotiable. Make me an offer. All original packaging remains intact. Hardware rarely used.

No one interested in ensuring up time by having spare parts for a ROSbot? Make me an offer for brand new parts, albeit not working together.