Rotate Recovery


I notice husarion rosbot default application has something like a rotate recovery function where it rotate 360 degree to clear space during gmapping / acml. Is this function part of ros or CORE2?

Is there anyway to stop this function or disable or edit this function?

Thank you in advance!

Hello angtzewern,

Recovery function is part of ROS, to be more precise it is executed by ‘move_base’ path planner.
You can disable the recovery behavior by setting parameter recovery_behavior_enabled to false in launch file:

<param name="recovery_behavior_enabled" value="false"/>

You can find this parameter here.



thank you very much
will test it out soon

i did not set this param last time
so i assume by default it is set to true?

Yes, default value for this parameter is true.

i changed the parameter value to false and notice that the husarion still does rotate recovery
Is there anything that can stop the husarion from rotating on the spot?

Could you record a rosbag file representing this behavior (including all sensor data, map and all commands sent to robot) and share this file?