RPLIDAR not working in new ROSbot2 PRO

Hi! I recently started working with a ROSbot2 Pro, and I’m trying to make localization packages work, but when running rplidar to get the data from the lidar it shows a timeout.

Also i woudl like to mention that I’ve worked with previous versions of this lidar such as the A1 and that one spun as it turned on but this one does not and does not seem to have any indication that it is turned on.

I would also like to indicate that the robot is currently running with the power supply direcctly from the wall, and that the robot came with ubuntu 20.04 and therefore I had to use foxy packages for the rosbot.

Hello @CCHJuarez,

It would be worth checking a few things.

  1. Correct Lidar connection
    Whether the power cable and data cable are connected. You can disassemble the robot and check it. If you are not sure what to do, you can send a photo after unscrewing the top cover of the robot.

  2. Device visibility
    In Husarion OS there is a symlink /dev/ttyRPLIDAR, you should see it in the /dev path (command ls /dev | grep ttyRPLIDAR. The lsusb command should point to Bus 001 Device 003: ID 10c4:ea60 Silicon Labs CP210x UART Bridge.

If the device is visible, it is a matter of rplidar configuration (e.g. baudrate). If the LIDAR is not visible, it may be damaged. In case of a valid warranty, please contact us at support@husarion.com

I’m waiting for the test results,