Self Driving Prototype

You might recognize the frame from the Husarion self-balancing robot :slight_smile: This self driving rover prototype uses AI and image recognition to navigate. It’s my version of the Nvidia JetBot that uses their new Jetson Nano “a super computer for $99”. I am also using a Husarion Core2 companion computer and a Zed 3D camera by StereoLabs.
Self Driving Prototype - YouTube


Looks great :slight_smile: . Is Jetson Nano powerful enough to handle “in real time” SLAM based on data from Zed 3D? Do you have any video showing how it works? Congrats :slight_smile:

It is my understanding that it is “barely” capable. I’ll be happy if I get 5 FPS! I’ll keep you posted. More info on the Zed and the Nano at Jetson Nano Brings AI Computing to Everyone | NVIDIA Developer Blog and DeepStream on Jetson Nano - YouTube and Announcing ZED SDK for Jetson Nano – Stereolabs