Shaking, hopping, vibrating and getting lost

I have been learning about ROS with my ROSBot 2.0 Pro for a few weeks now - progressing slowly. I have found the robot generally erratic. It shudderes and jumps around, makes quite a lot of noise and frequently got lost.

I noticed when trying to go in a straight line it wandered off to the side.

I discovered yesterday that the tyres were not well fitted to the wheels. Most of the tyres were hanging off the inside of the rim and the tyres were rubbing and catching on the frame.

I refitted the tyres properly and now the wheels spin much more freely. The robot is now quiet and smooth and is navigating MUCH better.

Pretty basic and probably obvious now … but for an out-of-the-box experience I was not looking for any issue like this and had no reference for expectations.

Anyway - I hope I have enough key words in here to be able to help any other newbie suffering the same.

Hi Barry,

Thank you for sharing with us your experience. I’m sorry for inconvenience.

The tires in ROSbot are quite soft so it is possible to move them beyond the rims after applying the correct force, but it’s very simple to put them back in the right place.

I’m sure that everyone reading this topic will check it, if their robots are facing similar issue.

Best regards,