[Solved] CORE2 config problem with RODOM

when I call

rosservice call /config RODOM ' '

from ROSbot ( 2 | 2 PRO | 2R ) | Husarion, my odom data is reset (position 0,0,0 etc.) .
However I cannot use the teleop package afterwards anymore, which worked fine before. I can rosrun the package, but it doesnt do anything anymore.
Maybe you can check if you can reproduce this error.
I use Rosbot 2.0 pro (but due to some compatibility issues with commit 9e2188fd35801f555f7ade8ea7a2b8bc6b4014fe)
Kind regards

Hi Lascho,

Unfortunately the code you are using is quite outdated and we cannot predict how it will behave with other software products we offer. If it’s possible, please upgrade your Ubuntu image using the one available on this page. I regret to inform you that otherwise we won’t be able to support your problem.

Best regards,