[Solved] hFramework library development question


I follow the hFramework library development linked in :

when I enter the following command

del CMakeCache.txt
del build.ninja
mkdir build\stm32_core2_1.0.0
cd build\stm32_core2_1.0.0
set PATH=%PATH%;%HOMEPATH%.vscode\HusarionTools\bin
cmake …/… -DBOARD_TYPE=core2 -DPORT=stm32 -DHFRAMEWORK_PATH=. -GNinja

I had an error message

How cna I handle it?

Thank you!

Hi chokings,

The tutorial you mentioned is in section deprecated, because hFramework library is no longer in use. Due to the fact that we have not maintained it for some time, many features may not work properly, and we can’t help with it.

Please check Mbed framework to develop your code or look on ROSbot firmware based on it.

I hope this solution suits you.

Best regards,

Thank you for answer!

Now, I want to try Mbed framework.

In prerequisites,
2. * USB cable if you want to flash code straight from your PC or laptop.
I connect the Rosbot and my PC.

I can build the code.
Enviroment configuration | Husarion.

and I try the flashing using .hex file.

But, when I type the ./home/youngwoo/core2-mbed-workspace/husarion-tools/amd64-linux/core2-flasher /home/youngwoo/core2-mbed-workspace/core2-mbed-template/BUILD/RELEASE/firmware.hex in my PC ubuntu, I have error message “bash: ./home/youngwoo/core2-mbed-workspace/husarion-tools/amd64-linux/core2-flasher: No such file or directory”.

how can I fix it ? I have already checked the location of the files.

Hi chokings,

You inserted wrong file directory, please try without /home/youngwoo starting from ./core2-mbed-workspace/hu... because you are already in /home/youngwoo directory.

Best regards,

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Thank you Hubert!

It works for my robot.

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