[Solved] hNode problem - failed to contact ROS master

Hi there,

I’ve just recently started trying out hNode using husarion platform but I’m experiencing a lot of hurdles.

Using my Pixel phone I installed hNode app and signed in to a network I created at https://app.husarnet.com/n. I also signed in to the same network with my desktop - ubuntu and ran ‘roscore’.

In my dashboard I confirmed that both are online in the same network but my Pixel doesn’t seem to be communicating with my ubuntu, The status on my hNode app says “node pixel: failed to contact ROS master”

Is there a reason for this? Did I miss anything?

Hi cds,

There was a bug in the hNode app, we already fixed it.
Update the app and everything should work now.


Thanks Lukasz, after getting the lastest hNode app the connection between my pixel and my desktop works now.