[Solved] How to launch the robot when the computer are connected to two LAN

Hi all,

I am using the Rosbot 2.0. I met a problem on launching the robot. I want my computer connect to LAN at a time where one of them is for the Rosbot and the computer and the other is for the computer and another computer. I hope the computer can launch the robot and at the same time transfer the data to another computer using another LAN.

My problem is that when I make my computer connect to two LAN, I cannot use the ssh command to launch the robot. I have tried to change the priority of two LAN. If I make the LAN for computer and robot have higher priority, the robot can be launched but the computer cannot transfer data using the other LAN. Is there any way that I can launch the robot with one LAN and transfer data using another LAN at the same time?

Hi Kong.

Sorry for late response. You have to make sure IP ranges in both networks are different. For example laptop + ROSbot network can use with subnet mask IPs and laptop + laptop can use with mask This way IPs with 169 will be forwarded to the laptop network and ones with 168 will be forwarded to ROSbot. Most likely you have both networks using the same IP range which are colliding with each other.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Wojciechowski.