[Solved] Hvideo on android not showing on UI with core2mini

Hi. I have a recently acquired core2mini which configures and connects just fine to husarion cloud and I can see its UI (voltage level etc) when logged-in to my account. On my laptop I click “add camera” and generate the QR code which I scan with hvideo on my android phone which seems to configure without errors but no video shows up via the robot UI. I’ve rebooted the core2mini and the phone but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve tried two different android phones. Perhaps I’m missing something. Should the camera just show up on the UI with the toggle led button and voltage level etc? Any advice is appreciated.

Hi bartleby,

Please open IDE, create new project with “How to start” template and look at lines 14-23 in main.cpp:

void cfgHandler()
	//uncomment if you want to stream video from your project using smartphone
	platform.ui.loadHtml({Resource::WEBIDE, "/ui.html"});
	auto l1 = platform.ui.label("l1");
	auto lb_bat = platform.ui.label("lb_bat");
	auto l2 = platform.ui.label("l2");
	auto b = platform.ui.button("btn1");

You have to uncomment line 17 and flash your program one more time. It should work fine after this little step.

Best regards,

Thanks Hubert. Works so well even a noob like me can do it!

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