[Solved] I want to upgrade the rosbot2.0

I am using rosbot2.0.
I’m trying to switch from Tinkerboard to Nvidia’s NX or AGX.
In the case of NX, there is a version that uses an SSD card and a version that uses an SD card.
In the case of AGX, there is a version that uses an SSD card.
Can i control the rosbot with NX and AGX with the image on your homepage?

Hi jungmin_kim,

Replacing Tinker Board for other PC will be very hard. In case you really have to use Nvidia’s NX or AGX you can place it on top cover of ROSbot add additional power supply (default one will be not enough efficient).

Image is not suitable for another PC, so you have built it or install for your own, or use ROS in docker containers.

Best regards,