[Solved] ]Installing a new version of openCV in ROSBot 2.0


I am trying to install a new version of OpenCV for ROS installed in ROSBot 2.0 to run a detection algorithm written in C++. Currently when I type pkg-config --modversion opencv, the version of openCV displayed is 3.2.0 but for the algorithm, the openCV version should be greater than equal to 3.4. Is there a prescribed way to do this. Some of the platforms suggested to manually set the environment variable OpenCV_DIR in a CMakeLists.txt file. But I have not been able to find this file. Is there a presecribed way to change the Open CV version in ROS in ROSbot ?

Hi Sush.

I guess by manual setting the OpenCV version in CMakeLists.txt they mean installing two different OpenCV versions, leaving the one already installed unchanged and selecting the path to the new one. As long as your new installation won’t be set as a default system-wide, you should not break anything and be able to use it only in your application.

In terms of finding the path of your OpenCV installation, you can find more info in their documentation.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Wojciechowski.